The Soul Attorney is on a mission to create change makers, champion the underdog, and inspire transformation through legal empowerment.

Our values are the guiding force behind everything we do.



Creating Change Makers:

Our world needs future free-thinkers, and we invest in making our communities strong for the future by empowering young people with scholarships and education. We believe that adaptable leaders are essential for driving positive change.

Championing the Underdog:

We amplify the voices and stories of underdogs to foster shared understanding and empathy. We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as sources of strength.

Wellbeing Over Everything:

We prioritize wellbeing by tackling systemic barriers for entrepreneurs and encouraging them to maintain boundaries for their mental, physical, and energetic health.

Access to Justice & Success Strategies:

We provide education, professional development, and mentorship for entrepreneurs to build confidence and self-esteem. We believe education is the spark toward action.

Inspiring Transformation & Trailblazing:

We empower entrepreneurs by creating networks and opportunities for them to become powerful. We advocate for gender equity in the economy and support diverse realities in workplaces.


Our Vision:


To lead a transformative movement nurturing legal empowered entrepreneurs reshaping social entrepreneurship in Canada. 


Our Mission:


To empower start-up entrepreneurs with access to legal templates, education, and strategies so they can grow their businesses the legal way, stay out of court, and leverage the law to gain the personal sovereignty and impact they desire to create.

Our Why


At Soul Attorney, we're committed to empowering entrepreneurs with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the legal landscape, fostering security and peace of mind as they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams towards a more inclusive and equitable future.


Our Founder


Soul Attorney was founded by Vanessa Locicero, a corporate lawyer and business mentor.

Vanessa started her career as a chef in 5 star restaurants, and practiced law in commercial and civil litigation, before becoming an entrepreneur. Today, she's the owner of her own law firm, Locicero Legal, dog mom of two, and a published author. 

In the journey from chef to lawyer, Vanessa's passion for empowering others with practical and important information and strategies was born.

In light of the ongoing access to justice epidemic that makes legal services and education inaccessible to a large segment of the population, Vanessa was inspired to create alternative solutions that meet the needs of people where they are at. 

As Secretary of the Board of Directors of Home Horizon Youth Transitional Support Program, and through her passion hosting community events such as Wills Week and the Business Brilliance BBQ, Vanessa is committed to making a positive impact in her community. 

What are we for?


We're for shaking things up, breaking down barriers, empowering women financially, and investing in yourself. We believe in the transformational power of community and the importance of continual growth and evolution.

What are we not interested in?

We're not ok with toxic work environments, supporting the patriarchy, or giving in to imposter syndrome. We challenge the status quo, speak blatantly without fear of reprimand, and lead with power and clarity in big pivots.

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