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How to Talk to Your Parents about Estate Planning

Discussing estate planning with your parents may feel uncomfortable, but it's an essential conversation that can protect your family relationships and safeguard against potential consequences. In this blog post, we'll provide you with practical tips for breaking the ice and offer conversation starters to discuss estate planning with your parents.

Approach the conversation with empathy, understanding that discussing estate planning can be sensitive. Express your concern for your parents' well-being and emphasize that this conversation is about securing their wishes and protecting their legacy. Share your genuine intention to ensure their wishes are respected when the time comes.

Broach the topic of Powers of Attorney with your parents, emphasizing the importance of having someone they trust make decisions on their behalf in case they become incapable. Highlight the role of a Power of Attorney over Property and Personal Care, explaining their legal rights and responsibilities. Share...

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Cutting Corners: The Risks and Impact on New Entrepreneurs

As a former commercial and civil litigator, I've seen it all when it comes to the risks of cutting corners in business. From the hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars spent on legal fees, to the emotional stress and energetic vacuum that is the essence of a lawsuit, I have seen businesses collapse, families torn apart, and people lose it all because they tried to cut corners around the legal side of their life.


As someone who cares deeply about making sure people avoid this particular brand of pain, today I'm here to shed some light on the impact cutting corners in legal can have on new entrepreneurs in particular. It’s not worth you risking everything you’ve built only to have someone screw you on a technicality you would have picked up on if you’d hired a lawyer.


So, buckle up and get ready for some real talk about the importance of legal support. I know it’s not sexy, and legal isn’t out here making you multiple 6 figures....

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Unleashing the Entrepreneur Within: Reflections on My First Year as a Solo Lawyer and Law Firm Owner

Welcome, fellow trailblazers! It's been an exhilarating journey as I embarked on the wild ride of owning my own law firm, Locicero Legal PC at The Soul Attorney.

As a female lawyer and entrepreneur, I've had the privilege of supporting incredible female entrepreneurs with their business law needs, contracts, and wills. Today, I want to share with you the top lessons I've learned during my first year, as well as an exciting announcement about our expanded practice areas that now include real estate. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let's dive in!

  1. Embrace Your Uniqueness: As you transition from the corporate 9-5 grind to becoming a business owner, it's crucial to embrace your unique value/selling proposition ("USP") and building a brand. I focussed on building the Soul Attorney brand for almost 2 years before I went solo. I started my podcast, and my instagram page, and started showing up to tell my community who I was, what I stand for, and what I'm passionate about. For me, it meant...

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Brand New to Business? Stop Overpaying and Wasting Time: How the Legally Lit Library's Contract Templates Solve the Biggest Legal Challenges Faced by New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and business owners often face a number of challenges when it comes to getting contracts prepared by a lawyer for their business.

This can be a time-consuming, expensive and painful process that can prevent them from growing and scaling their business, but is an essential step in ensuring a business is legally secure.

The first challenge entrepreneurs and business owners face when it comes to getting contracts prepared by a lawyer is the cost. I know that law firms can charge hundreds of dollars per hour for legal services, and getting a contract drafted from scratch can be a lengthy process that can take several hours or weeks. You might have to put money up front in a retainer so the lawyer can ensure they get paid when the work is done.

I understand that this can be a significant expense, especially for small business owners who are just starting out.

The second challenge is the time-consuming nature of the process. Entrepreneurs and business owners have a lot...

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Episode #11: Avoid a Future Family Feud


In Episode 11 of the podcast, I explain why a thorough estate plan really matters and what a proper Will should include.


You won’t want to miss this episode as I debunk the myth that a Will is only meant to describe what you want done with your stuff when you’re gone. I’m telling you… it’s so much more.


The Jury question for this week is an important one: Who do you trust with your legacy?


Think about this as you make the decision about who to name as your Estate Trustee to deal with your wishes and your property in your absence. It better be someone who has not only your, but your beneficiaries’ best interests at heart.


Head over to to book in for a free 15 min chat with me to talk more about this or to Instagram to join in the good vibes.

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Episode #10: Put It In Writing! The Key


In today’s session, I’m going to share with you the key components of a formal contract so that you can start to create clear boundaries in your business relationships and be confident when you put it in writing.

My intention for this session is to de-mystify what makes a regular agreement an enforceable contract at law and show you how you can empower yourself with contracts.

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Episode #9: Isn't Time You Learned About "Income?"



In this session, I get into the pros and cons to earning different types of "Income" including 1) Employment Income, 2) Business Income, and 3) Property Income. Dive into this one for some inspiration into another stream of income you may not have previously considered!

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Episode #8: A Return to What Matters: The Comprehensive Law Movement


In this session, I explore the Comprehensive Law Movement, which I believe provides a collection of important lenses to think about the kinds of "justice" lawyers can deliver to clients. The 2 main principles of the Movement are foundational to the Soul Attorney approach.

Check out the article HERE.

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Episode #7: The Empowerment Game Plan


November 22, 2020

Soul Attorney Podcast

Episode 7: The Empowerment Game Plan


In this session of the Soul Attorney Podcast, I get into why legal and financial literacy are keys to staying in energetic alignment. I get into how you can reclaim your personal sovereignty and live your soul’s purpose when you ground your work in legally sound structures and manifestations.

The main piece of evidence to take away from this session is empowerment comes through responsibility. Getting your power back requires knowing no one is coming to save you, but you! And that’s the best part. I want to serve you and help you build your dream business.

This week’s Jury Question is: What do you need to know to feel empowered? What is missing for you?


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Episode #6: How I Became Soul Attorney

November 15, 2020

Soul Attorney Podcast

Episode #6: How I Became Soul Attorney

In this session, I share my story of becoming Soul Attorney and the lessons I learned in bringing the soul and the attorney together.

The main piece of evidence to take away from this session is that the magic happens when you bring the parts of yourself you keep hidden into the light.

This week’s Jury Question is: What parts of yourself are you hiding from the world? What are you missing out on because of it?

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