The Legal Roadmap For Businesses

Actually Understand the Top 50 Legal Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Without Paying a Lawyer Thousands of Dollars

In this free resource you will learn the A-Z legal needs of a typical start-up and new business in Canada so you can map your journey to legal security, strategies of the successful, and peace of mind in your business

Make sure to use this scorecard to review some of the most important questions you should be asking yourself. 

And don't worry if you don't know all the answers! This is just the beginning of your journey to becoming Legally Lit! 

How much longer are you going to leave yourself at risk guessing whether you're doing business "legally"?

You won't want to miss out on this epic checklist that will empower you to identify areas in your business that need legal attention and set a roadmap to your success!

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About your Soul Attorney


I'm so glad you've landed here on this free resource! 

I'm a business lawyer who started my legal career in the courtroom, suing people and defending clients who'd been sued. 

The problem I saw with so many clients was that they just "didn't know what they didn't know" about the law, and tried to DIY things, only to end up in a big, hot mess down the line.

Borne of that experience is my mission is to empower start-up entrepreneurs with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the legal landscape, fostering security and peace of mind as they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams toward a more inclusive and equitable future. 

I do this by breaking down barriers of accessibility to legal templates, education, and strategies so entrepreneurs can grow their businesses the legal way, stay out of court, and leverage the law to gain the financial and personal sovereignty and impact they desire to create. 

My vision is to lead a transformative movement nurturing legally empowered entrepreneurs to reshape social entrepreneurship in Canada. Beyond traditional legal services, we break barriers, foster mentorship and lead with soulful guidance. The Soul Attorney offers business mentorship alongside legal expertise, while our education sets the gold standard in accessibility and ease of understanding. Through community outreach and events, we empower clients, aiming to make legal empowerment synonymous with entrepreneurial success and societal change. 

My intention is that this resource provides you with the starting point to have an important conversation with yourself about the legal status of your business affairs. I do it so you can avoid the legal challenges that arise in business before they become big, expensive problems. 

Download my free Legal Roadmap for Business!

Andria D.

"I knew I needed a lawyer to help with my entrepreneurial endeavours. I was so green to the experience and the idea of walking into a law firm where patriarchal culture and structures thrive - I was certainly intimidated!

As a woman of colour I wanted to feel empowered throughout this experience and when I met Vanessa, I was immediately drawn to her warm, encompassing and brilliant energy.

Vanessa works in a way that is professionally and experientially informed, she has a way of supporting that has no bias, that is unwavering regardless of what decision is made.

We went deep into manifestation, mindset, consistency, logistics of action, space to heal, space to make decisions. Integrity. Authenticity."

Jaime A.

"This helped to empower me with understanding the law as it relates to my business so that I can ensure my legal foundations are solid which keeps me focused on doing what I do best.

I learned how to negotiate contracts and how to bring my own contracts and requests to the table to do business with others.

Enhancing my legal and business knowledge helped me to step up my game and be a major player and have conversations that not only did I follow along with but could initiate as well. 

Halfway through I was asking deeper questions, applying shifts to my practice, and by the end I not only could say it, but I totally experienced being legally lit!"

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